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Bespoke Wedding Invitation Workshop



Rubber stamps provide a great way to give your wedding the handmade feel.  I am offering you the chance to create your own wedding stationery in a creative workshop tailor-made just for you, in the comfort of your own home.  Together we can create the design for your invitations and then, with your friends I will teach you the skills needed to create your perfect handmade invitations in the form of a workshop.





Why Handmade?

In 2016 I designed and made my own wedding stationery.  I started out making all the invitations by myself, but quickly realised that I both needed help and that this would be the perfect way to include my loved-ones in my big day.  My sisters stepped-in and were a killer-team of makers and we got the job done in no time.  There were lots of handmade elements to my wedding, which I would have loved to include my friends in creating, but I was so tired of all the ‘trying to find stuff online’ that the thought of then co-ordinating people on top of that felt like a lot.


Lots of people have dreams of having a handmade wedding or event, but perhaps don’t have the time or expertise to make it happen.  The making bit is the fun bit, but the sourcing of materials or trying to learn a new skill without the right (and sometimes expensive) equipment can be frustrating.  Save yourself hours of video tutorials and late nights and let me do all the leg-work, so you can get together with your friends and kick-off the process of creating your unique wedding in style.


Through my experience I now have suppliers that I know and trust, equipment that works and you won’t have to source or buy, a creative eye that can guide you to your perfect design, and hours of trial-and-error making that will save you loads of time.






An example invitation - your design mocked-up as agreed with you in advance


Materials & tools

Pre-designed suite of handmade rubber stamps, which will be yours to keep.

Step-by-step guidance through the process.

Me!  I come to you and bring everything, so you can focus on the other big elements of planning your celebration at this early stage.


Your home, with a big surface to work on, lots of light and enough seats for bums!

Helping hands - friends/bridesmaids/ushers who want to learn new skills (or practise old ones).

Power - we will need plug sockets near the workshop area and somewhere to wash our hands.





We would meet to discuss your invitations and put together the designs for your personalised design.  We would also book-in a date for the workshop to take place at your home.


I then set to work sourcing everything we need to make the invitations before the day of the workshop (stress-free for you!)  All you need to do is rally the troops - family, friends, members of your bridal party - which will give you an opportunity to kick-off wedding planning in a fun and creative way.



Get in Touch

Any enquiries, please email me directly at






Rubber Stamp Workshops

I provide all the materials, equipment and expertise needed to make your own rubber stamp.

I am available to hire for your event to provide workshops.  I will also be running workshops in London and I will advertise them here and on my social media, so check back for future dates.